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Sacred Springs Powwow 2019 - Saturday 10/19 and Sunday 10/20, 2019
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annual Sacred Springs Powwow is held by Indigenous Cultures Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the research and preservation of the culture, arts, traditions, ceremonies, and languages of the population collectively known as Coahuiltecans.
San Marcos first experienced a powwow in 1995 when the Lucky Tomblin family brought Kiowa and other indigenous people to the area. The Sacred Springs Powwow is conducted in honor of the Tomblin Family.
Master of Ceremonies - Tim Tallchief (Osage)
Arena Director - Bill TakesHorse (Crow)
Head Contest Judge - Gwen TakesHorse (Choctaw)
Head Man Dancer - Cecil Gray (Cheyenne/Kiowa)
Head Lady Dancer - Hauli Sioux Gray (Ponca/Tonkawa)
Head Gourd Dancer - Kevin Rivera (Kiowa/Apache)
Northern Drum - Young Buffalo Horse (Stillwater, OK)
Southern Drum - Ottertrail Singers (Apache, OK)
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