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A few moments of the press conference at the ESB - MACC.

Hispanic Leaders Oppose Sale of City-owned Land Near Entrance of Mexican American Cultural Center

Austin, Texas – Hispanic Advocates Business Leaders of Austin (HABLA) hosted a press conference to announce their opposition to a developer’s request to purchase city-owned land located at the entrance of the Mexican American Cultural Center (64 Rainey Street)

For those who couldn't attend the HABLA press conference at the ESB - MACC, here are audio clips:

MARTHA CORTERA - about history of Mexican Americans on Rainey Street

GILBERTO C. RIVERA - about the 30 year history to maintain Mex-Amer./neighborhood heritage of Rainey Street

JUAN OYERVIDES - about the numerous ESB MACC efforts to protect 64 Rainey Street

PAUL SALDANA - about "La Cultura No Se Vende"

For Additional Information Contact:
Paul Saldaña, HABLA
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