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Writers' League of Texas launched their newest program, WLT's On the Craft of Writing.
A few times a year, the Writers' League of Texas will partner with area organizations to host a free event from a touring author on the craft behind their book.
The debut event featured David Treuer, whose most recent book, the New York Times bestselling The Heartbeat of Wounded Knee, mixes history, memoir, and reportage to create a sweeping history--and counter-narrative--of Native American life from the Wounded Knee massacre to the present.

Treuer discussed the process of combining different genres to create a hybrid nonfiction account, an increasingly popular form that uses memoir as just one tool available to the nonfiction writer. He gave a short lecture and then was in conversation with Writers' League Program Director Michael Noll.

text source: Writers’ League of Texas webpage
What reviewers are saying about the book:

"Chapter after chapter, it's like one shattered myth after another." - NPR

"A marvel of research and storytelling." - O, the Oprah Magazine

"Treuer’s storytelling skills shine." - The Economist

"An informed, moving and kaleidoscopic portrait... Treuer's powerful book suggests the need for soul-searching about the meanings of American history and the stories we tell ourselves about this nation's past.." - New York Times Book Review, front page

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