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Here are photo moments from the RAZA ROUND TABLE press conference in support of the HISPANIC/LATINO QUALITY OF LIFE REPORT.

I also feature recordings from the various speakers:

SEG1- Opening remarks from Dr. Emilio Zamora, professor Dept.of History UT & League of United Latin American Citizens Alicia Perez-Hodge, Austin Latino Coalition & League of United Latin American Citizens http://renerenteria.files.wordpress.com/2013/06/seg1hlqlpressconf_zamora_perezhodge.mp3

SEG2- Susana Almanza, PODER-People Organized in Defense of Earth and her Resources

SEG3- Skylar Bonilla, student Austin Community Collage & Chicanos in Action

SEG4- Gilberto C. Rivera, Austin History Center “Trailblazer” & Rosewood Neighborhood Association

SEG5- Final comments from Dr.Emilio Zamora

On Thursday, June 27 at 10:30am, the HLQL Oversight Committee presented their final report for the Hispanic/Latino Quality of Life (HLQL) to the Austin City Council.

The morning briefing initiates a critical opportunity for the Austin City Council to address the historic and continuing economic and socio-cultural marginalization of the Hispanic/Latino community. We now represent nearly 40% of the population of the city, and our children constitute over 60% of the students in the area schools. The exponential growth of the Hispanic/Latino community is a trend that can and should contribute to a vibrant diversity in our city. However -- without addressing the disparities in areas such as economic development, health, and education -- our population growth may instead result in growing ranks of poor and ill-served in Austin. The Raza Round Table asserts that full implementation of the report recommendations will put this city on the path to a better future. If Latinos succeed, Austin succeeds!

See final report here:
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Raza Round Table - La Raza Roundtable is a weekly community forum that advances open democratic discussions around Hispanic/Latino issues in Austin. We meet every Saturday at 10am at Mexitas Mexican Food Restaurant.

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